Exclusive Cast Interviews From Logos New Housewives Style Reality Show.

When you turn the cameras on to six hot, social world class, gay men in New York City, the outcome winds up being a possibly prevalent unscripted tv arrangement. On Monday, September 27, 2010, I went to an elite screening and festivity for LGBT programming system Logo’s new reality demonstrate “The A-List: New York” (“The A-List”) in New York City at Therapy lounge. “The A-List” was made by the same makers who did “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” who are advancing it as a comparable appear. I, in any case, observed “The A-List” to be more uniform in the profession profiles of the cast individuals. There are models, a model/performing artist, a top of the line hair salon proprietor, and a celebrity picture taker. The vocations are those of Reichen Lehmkuhl, Rodiney Santiago, Austin Armacost, Derek Lloyd Saathoff, Ryan Nickulas, and Mike Ruiz. Not to mention, TJ Kelly, the business aide and closest companion of Ryan, who shows up regularly on the appear. In the wake of meeting the cast, in the scene screening and in individual, I am amped up for viewing “The A-List.” The show debuts on Monday, October 4, 2010 at 10:00 PM eastern time. Likewise, the main scene can as of now be found on iTunes for download.

In the primary scene, every individual from the cast is presented. The scene finishes with the cast individuals getting together to open night of the off-Broadway creation of “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” which stars cast part Reichen.

Investigate the footage I accumulated from Monday night at Therapy. Because of Nando of Nandoism.com who generous consented to report with me, having never met in individual, in a genuine showcase of the force of online long range informal communication. Additionally, because of his playmate and phenomenal picture taker German Marin of MarinNYC.com who demonstrated his backing by regularly holding 2 advanced SLR cameras and 2 computerized recording cameras in his grasp at the same time. Pardon me ahead of time for the contraband/unprofessional nature of this video. I’m learning as I run with altering and have on my Christmas list of things to get to get a decent video cam set up with lights and a mouthpiece (eh-stitch! ;- ) ). It’s simply part of the developing torments of a broke blogger who’s increasing some reputation. 😎

Amid the main scene, dramatization proliferates between Reichen, Austin, and Rodiney; in any case, while meeting the cast, I got a marginally different point of view that you don’t generally get on TV. For instance, I was awed by Reichen’s enthusiasm and involvement as a representative for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) battling to topple the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) approach. He additionally has an adornments line called Flying Naked. Austin’s dimples and midwestern appeal was charming to me. I cherish his certainty about his body and his dissatisfaction with the demonstrating business’ ideal self-perception requirements. It’ll be fascinating to see a male’s point of view on this issue following the issue is frequently talked about as something interesting to women. Other than being my most recent Latin mate, Rodiney had some genuine battles restarting his profession as a model when his associations were back in Miami.

After screening the scene, I didn’t care for Derek on the grounds that my exclusive impression of him was his dependence on shower tanning. While talking with him, in any case, I found that Derek had one of those attractive identities that made me feel as though we had known each other for quite a long time. He wound up being one of the best meetings of the night, however shockingly the lighting was the poorest when we got over to talk with him. Derek talked like a genuine envoy for the appear and with awesome eagerness.

Last, yet not minimum, are closest companions and collaborators at fetish clubs , Ryan and TJ. These two have a science that is electric! It was not shocking to discover that our meeting endured longer than the others at 8 minutes and 30 seconds-about twice the length of the others. Something about them makes you need to push a “play” catch and let them divert you. They rush to let you know that they will discuss the other cast mates the way they see things, in their “truth.” Ryan’s adoration life on the show is intriguing, as well. He is hitched to a money fellow named Desmond. Discuss opposites are inclined toward one another! The couple needs to have a child and this a player in their lives is shared on “The A-List.”

While Mike was not present, I concur with his statement in the main scene about this show having the capacity to represent the deciding moment him. More than the others, I feel he has a since quite a while ago settled vocation and very viewed as a celebrity picture taker. My underlying believed was that he needn’t bother with this appear and dangers winding up on the road to success to a recovery of VH1s “The Surreal Life” if the show doesn’t do well.

BDSM Gay Spanking Party Scene for Beginners

New York is the one place in the world where you can find anything you are looking for and people who share your passion and BDSM is no exception. If you are looking to get into the BDSM in New York but you are a first timer here are some clubs that you could go to where you can learn a few things. Spanking is hot in the scene for both gay and straight guys and gals.

If you are looking for a little light punishment then try the Spanking Club. It is a club at the Lower East side where those who enjoy getting and giving a spanking can get and give a safe and sane gay spanking. The Spanking club also hosts seminars on BDSM play for those who are curious.

If you are looking for a place to learn about BDSM you should find your way to the House of Scorpio. They offer hands on learning experiences on BDSM. They also host S&M and play events and gay spanking.

Believe it or not Columbia University has a student BDSM club known as Conversio Virium. They hold their meetings within the campus and attendance is open to anyone but membership can only be offered to students.

For those who want to see BDSM in action make your way to Paddles. This is a club where people go to take part in a little BDSM. You are allowed to watch but you are not allowed to interrupt. There’s no penetration or booze allowed at the club. Before you go to one of these venues here are some rules of etiquette that you need to take note of;

i.Do not consume too much alcohol as this increases the risk factor at the club. Too much alcohol may cause you to be a danger to yourself and others.

ii.Do not interrupt other couples who are in are engaging in S&M play.

iii.Do not approach a collard submissive to play. This is because a collard submissive usually has an owner who would not take too kindly to you approaching their sub.

iv.Do not touch any toys or equipment without permission. Not everyone likes to share.

v.Dress appropriately. If you go to a BDSM club it would make you and everyone more comfortable if you tried to dress like you belong there. Appropriate clothing would include anything leather, rubber, latex or lace. Stilettos, thigh- highs, lingerie and corsets are also acceptable.

vi.Know what you are getting yourself into. BDSM involves punishment, humiliation and other scenarios that may not be comfortable to watch. If you find that you cannot stomach a certain scene please look away.

vii.Most importantly be discreet for the benefit of yourself and others. Most people who go to BDSM clubs or events live very normal lives and would not want the fact that they enjoy BDSM to be known to the whole world.

If you are curious about the BDSM world it would not hurt to visit one of these clubs to see what it is about. Always remember that BDSM is based on the principle that it should be safe, sane and consensual. When you are in these clubs you are allowed to refuse at any time and you cannot be forced into anything.

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